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Marynka Nicolai

If there’s one word to describe Marynka Nicolai, it’s multi-talented. The actress, musician, composer, creative director and teacher, she has devoted her life to the creative arts in order to reveal her unique vision of beauty.

Originating from Moscow, Marynka lives and works as a freelance artist, musician and teacher in Amsterdam, but never loses ties with her homeland.

 Dreams to reality

The journey from dream to reality can last a lifetime. Marynka has first developed a taste for music and culture in Moscow, Russia. After studying at Tsaritsinsky music school and the GITIS Academy of Theater Arts, she accidentally came to Amsterdam in 1990 just to find herself studying both theatre performance and music composition at The Amsterdam School of the Arts (HKA) and The Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). 

The studies set the rules of the game, but for Marynka, learning the rules was just the first step towards breaking them. Even throughout her solid academic career, she experimented and improvised and let her personality shine through. Broad inspirations led to broad experiences, and soon enough she had released two dream pop albums on CD’s, sang Mussorgsky with an orchestra and worked on the Luce part of Scriabin’s Prometeus. Years of experimentation led her to develop her own style of piano that she called Instant Music, but also to practice the principles of Indian Raga.

The World is a Stage

Acting, presenting, hosting, singing, playing. Marynka turns the world into her own stage. She also finds time to compose music for stage and screen, and as an actress has appeared in TV series, theatre productions and as a voice actress.
Outside of music and performance, Marynka has turned her attention to event production. For ten years she was the founder and director of Women in Paradise, an annual festival in Amsterdam that celebrated International Women’s Day. Today she is sharing her knowledge to help people set out on their own journeys of creative discovery, teaching in music, piano play and performance, and holding workshops for businesses and schools.

Keen to see more of Marynka’s work? Take a look at her most recent projects.


Music performance
Composition (jingles, film, theater, performance, dance, art presentations)
Voice artist (voice coaching, voice over) | Music production | Production of events
Music teaching and workshops for kids and grown-ups, team and private
Musical research
Languages (culture specific translations and coaching Russian –Dutch –English)
Coaching: vocal, stage presence.

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