Music by Marynka:
Piano music, inspiration and improvisation

Marynka speaks three languages - Russian, English and Dutch - but music is the language of the universe, and creation of music is a way of connecting with people on a deeper level. Of all her talents and stage experience, music is the one thing Marynka keeps coming back to. It’s where she began, it’s what drives her, it’s what brings her to life. She’s a pianist. She’s a composer. A singer. Music really is the food of love, and Marynka is playing on.

A Musical Life

She has been playing instruments and experimenting with music for as long she can remember. Recent musical exploration has taken her into the world of Indian Raga, from which she has continued to draw considerable inspiration.

Challenging the Piano

The backbone of Marynka’s musical interests is without a doubt the piano. She recently developed a unique piano style she calls instant music. She recently re-tuned piano to a frequency of 432 Hz to reduce the tension in the strings, which amazingly makes the piano sound more like a string instrument than a hammered one.

Taking Her Talents to the Television, Film and Stage

That’s not all. Marynka’s career has taken her not just to stages and concert halls around the world, but into the world of TV and film too. She recently composed the soundtrack to the short film “Doof en Dood”...
...and creates jingles and library music for a huge range of video projects.

Marynka's releases

The story doesn’t end there. Check out her full list of projects for even more piano compositions, performances and experimental soundscapes.

No project is too small or too large. Orchestral, solo, compositional - Marynka’s always excited to get stuck into the next musical adventure. 
Call Marynka on +31653702459 or email
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