Wide Range of artistic Projects

Having many strings to her bow has led to a long, wildly varied list of exciting projects and collaborations. Here are some of Marynka’s most recent projects. Give her a call to find out more or to get your own project off the ground.
Film & TV

Solo Piano

Marynka took to the piano at an early age and soon began experimenting. She introduced her own intuitive style of playing as instant music. Recently she has explored playing the piano at the frequency of 432 Hz. According to Marynka this tuning loosens tension, frees the overtones and makes the piano sound more like a string instrument than a hammered one.

Collaborative Piano

The winged grand piano. This was part of the Black Garden, a three-day-long performance at La Mauln Jaune, Slava Polounin theater garden.
Tuvascape. This experimental pianistic soundscape is based on the repertoire of Choduraa Tumat (Tuva, Siberia).

Collaborative Dance

This Cat’s Cradle dance performance combined a traditional dance with a butoh dance to create haunting, hypnotic results.
Bartenev - Birches in the Snow. This music and dance performance in Van Gogh Museum was inspired by Van Gogh’s painting Wheatfield with Reaper.
This composition was a tribute to Malevich, performed live at the Van Gogh Museum.

Indian Raga

RaagMala Suite is a collaborative work with Avi Kishna and Maxim Goldfinger. Marynka’s close encounter with the realm of Indian Raga’s resulted in a 5-piece composition for improvised performance. It was presented numerous times as a lying concert.   



Completely at home on the stage, Marynka recently starred in the Holland Festival production ‘Before I Sleep’, directed by Tristan Sharps.

Film & TV Composition

Marynka co-wrote the soundtrack to the short film “Doof en Dood”.
She regularly produces jingles and library music for a wide range of video projects.

For Children

Marynka ran these interactive musical workshops to help kids play, learn, create and express themselves.
Baba Jaga Russische Sprookjes - this pianistic radiophonic play is based on Russian Fairytales, inspired by the stories from Marynka’s childhood in Moscow. 
To work with Marynka on your own project, contact her on +31653702459 today.

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